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In 2012 we hosted a campaign on crowd funding website to raise funds for the water management system of a home for a family in Guatemala.
For pictures see this website Places>Guatemala>Earthship Comalapa and our Facebook page Bamboo Bicycles and Bottle Buildings
We raised a grand total of 4.200 dollars with the help of amazing people who donated money.


Brian Simpson

Joaquina Peña

Nicole Bennett

Bill Zenert

Shane Bordoli

Zoe Cebuliak

Julia Bentley and Dylan Yorkston

Shin Furuno

Simone Fin

Ko Oishi

Priscilla Ralph

Mark Swatek

Brandon Delcastillo

Maudson family

Ines Bauwens

Simon Powell


Belinda Burum

Adi Narayan

Derek Case

Christine Weller

Bridget Stuchly

Bonnie McAuley

Jen Hsiang Tseng

Jeff Wood

Samuel Silverman

Lydia Silva

Kristel Zegers

Andrew Gurevich

Karl Geweniger

Bun Lee

Alexa McLain

J. Max Christensen

John Molik

Harry Vrins

Peter Taylor

Mary Abshier

Pedro Lira

Trina Major

Jean-Ambroise Vesac

Vanessa Bedrossian

Paul Bovet

R. Philips

Steve James

Thor Svensen

Michelle Hendrix

Jennifer Mandli

Dale Marucci


Matt Ostrowski

Lydia Finalyson

Joanne Douglas

Marco Salazar

Margot Reeve

Rafter Saa-Ferguson

Emily Lin

Pouyan Khosravi

Shyam Gouri Suresh

Angel Ricardo

Anna Munro

Mary Arden Gorman

Jon Sæmundur Audarson

Courtney Harold

Micah Harold

Robert McGrath

Jodi Lee Haddon

Rona Mark

Anna Lisa Hergott

Laura Cherry

Nicolas Roberts

Bruce Mitchell

Erin Young

Michael G. Andrawis

Elena Silvia Roger


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  1. Greetings: We met you on the somewhat wet Mendocino coast, about 5 miles south of Point Arena. (We were the ones with the dogs). I hope that you were able to get the hot coffee that you were looking for. You managed to get the first storm of the season. I’m sorry that we weren’t able to spend more time with you to learn about your voyages. If you come back to California, please look us up.

    Cheers and good luck,


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