“The plan is great, yet surprisingly feasible.
We are cycling on self made bicycles through the Americas, visiting and promoting as many sustainable alternatives to our current energy rich lifestyle as we can possibly visit.
From permaculture projects, transition towns and eco villages to DIY initiatives and bicycle co-operatives, we are be documenting, discussing and sharing with the world all we learn, teach and discover.

The possibilities are truly endless!”

If you want to travel with us, please write to us!

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So far we have explored Haiti, Dominican Republic, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

One thought on “Plan

  1. Hi Mykal and Nico
    Hope all went well at the american embassy. Also hope the bikes are coming along well and good luck with the fundraiser on the 27th. Just sending the message so I can receive your blog when you leave. Will be in touch prior to then. Love mum/julia

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