In Nicaragua we cycled around on a magical volcanic island named ‘Isla de Ometepe’ where we camped out on quiet beaches, and visited 2 interesting sustainable projects; InanItah and Bonafide farm.


InanItah calls itself an ‘earth based spiritual community’ and has a set of beautiful earthen buildings, including a temple, yoga space, library and various residential buildings. The initiators of this transient community are Gaia (USA) and Paul (Germany). They host a variety of workshops and activities.
For more information:

Cob Building

Cob Building



detail of the 'temple' at InanItah

detail of the ‘temple’ at InanItah



Bonafide farm is an inspiring project, practising permaculture, and experimenting with growing different crops -they test what sustainable practices work in the climate and soil on the climate, and what not, and support local farmers growing crops in a similar sustainable manner. It is a true testing site for sustainable living, and we felt very tempted to stay here a bit longer.

More on Bonafide farm:

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