El Salvador

‘El Salvador’ translates as ‘The Salviour’ in English : )
Did it save us?

Friends of the Earth El Salvador

We volunteered at Friends of the Earth El Salvador aka. CESTA in San Salvador;
with their project ‘Eco Bici’ we fixed up some bikes from Canada and the USA and re-organised their amazing bicycle museum.

P1150516 We also did a research of alternative uses of tires, as CESTA wants to launch a campaign for alternative uses of tires and against burning tyres, which is thee practice of ‘Holcim’ a multinational that produces cement by -among other things- burning tyres.

Below the result of our research, an essay and presentation in Spanish, typed up by Alex and Ina.

Llantas maceteras ultimo
tyres power point

And a document about something else we learned at CESTA: how-to-make empanadas! yum!


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