We are continuously researching projects to visit by cycle.
Below a list of some of the projects we have contributed to or would like to visit, to explore alternatives.
If you have any comments or tips, please write to us via

Haiti -June-August 2012
Sadhana Forest – we joined a permaculture design course and planted many trees
Wynne Farm – we visited this oasis on the fringe of Port au Prince

Dominican Republic -August 2012
Pablo’s place – we facilitated a cob building workshop on the land of Pablo’s family near Bonao, north of Santo Domingo

USA -September-December 2012
Earthship internship ~New Mexico
In October 2012 we started an internship with Earthship Biotecture, where we learned through hands-on work with the Earthship Biotecture crew how to built earthships!
We had the opportunity to work on many different project in the Taos, New Mexico area. We did mostly finishing work, which includes tiling, carpentry and plastering, as most of the projects we have been working on have been in the final stage of being built
We traveled through Mexico to Guatemala, and have built an earthship in Comolapa, for a family in January and February 2013.
More information on this project via

Mexico -December 2012-January 2013

Rainbow Gathering Mexico 2012 ~Palenque
Jaguar de Madera ~Center for bio construction and bicycle machines in San Cristobal, Chiapas

Guatemala -January-March 2013
Earthship built in Comalapa and Long Way Home
Ulew Atitlan
Maya Pedal

El Salvador -March 2013
CESTA – Friends of the Earth El Salvador
Project Eco Bici

Nicaragua-April 2013
InanItah, an earth based spiritual community ~Isla de Ometepe
Hacienda Merida ~Isla de Ometepe

Costa Rica -April 2013-May 2013
The Poosh is a website for sustainable self built projects
CEDARENA environmental organization

Panama -May-June 2013

Costa Rica -June-September 2013
Funky Manza Pizza, a hostel and pizzeria on the Caribbean beach we managed for 3 months funkymanzapizza
Tierra del Suenos, an education and holistic wellness center of friend dr. Greg Damato mindbodywellness

USA -September-December 2013
We cycled from San Francisco, California to Portland, Oregon, and then north to Mount Vernon in Washington. We crossed to Canada from Ana Cortes via the San Juan Islands.
Bicycle workshops in San Francisco: The Bikery in Oakland The Freewheel and Bike Kitchen in San Francisco.
In Portland some of the projects we visited and contributed to are community craft workshop of thinkers and makers ADX resource center for used building materials named the ‘Rebuilding Center’ and ‘Food Not Bombs’ (an international non-violent volunteer movement that serves free food to the community) at Right2Dreamtoo a nonprofit organization that advocates the rights of homeless, and established a rest area for the houseless on private property in downtown Portland.

Canada -December 2013 -present
O.U.R. Ecovillage ~Vancouver Island is a permaculture based sustainable community
Blue Jay Lake Farm ~Cortes Island
Dorje Ling Center ~Cortes Island
Mud girls collective ~Vancouver Island, natural building collective

Future plans
to contribute to sustainable projects in Canada
to do an internship to learn more about sustainable living
to cycle north to Alaska

ideas and suggestions welcome via chaingethecycle[at]


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  1. saludos muy importante su mision y megustan muchos su fotografias. yo estube platicando con mykal y nico en leon Nicaragua.

    saludos y mucha felicidades.

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