~ Mykal and Nico on the road in Mexico

Chainge the Cycle´s Mykal and Nico on the road in Mexico









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About Mykal and Nico

Michael Bentley

Mykal (AU)

Mykal is an engaging community developer and facilitator with a broad range of both practical and theoretical skills.

Having completed studies in Business and honours in Psychology he is taking advantage of his obtained skills and knowledge to create and nurture various projects and initiatives around Brisbane, Australia and the world.

Currently he is co-ordinating the Turnstyle Community Hub which encompasses initiatives such as the Strong Bearings Bicycle Project; the Bulk Buyers food co-operative; the Let it Bee, bee Collective; the Social Brewz, a home brew and fermentation collective, a Spiritual Sustainability Collective; a Social Cinema and various other ‘one of’ educational and fund-raising events.  Turnstyle also just successfully organised the first ever Laura St Music and Arts Festival, a 800 plus event encompassing 8 houses and over 20 local bands. Mykal is currently working with and for the dynamic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) based organisation Food Connect, which is setting benchmarks for ethical business practices in Australia.

He returned in 2010 from a two year long stint in Asia where he studied many techniques including Thai and Tibetan massage, bamboo building, silversmithing and various methods of local farming. He also obtained his international Yoga Teacher Certificate whilst in Mysore, India.  Inspired in his journey by the many wheeled travellers he met along the way he bought himself a bicycle and attempted to ride solo back to Australia. Beginning in Bangkok he made it by wheels and waves as far as Borneo, with a short stint building houses in Western Sumatra; before heading back home to a sustainability conference in Adelaide and house raising in the central Australian desert.


Nicole van Leeuwen






Nico (NL)

Nico is a vibrant young woman who is always keen to learn, explore and share.

“How can people influence their direct living environment?” has been a motivating question for her involvement in activism, interactive design and governance.
Her core interests are community building, natural building techniques and appropriate technologies.

In 2009 her drive for broader knowledge and direct experience brought her from Europe to India where she lived, studied and worked at Sadahana Forest, part of the international community of Auroville.
In 2010 and 2011 she lived and worked in Australia where she participated in several communities and environmental projects.
After a brief stay in The Netherlands Mykal and Nico founded Chainge the Cycle, built a bicycle out of bamboo, and have been traveling by bicycle throughout The Americas since 2012.

Nico has worked as a manager for the Dutch government and international non profit organizations. She has degrees in Leisure Studies (BA) and Urban Cultures (MA) and has diligently studied architecture, urbanism and permaculture for several years.

Building a bee hive in Macedonia

Wrapping of the bamboo bicycle frame with hemp and bio epoxy







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