DIY docs

We have been learning ‘how to make our own’ gingerbeer, paper, slow cooking oven, chapatis, sourdough bread and more..!

We love sharing skills, and this is why we have been making a series of documents we call ‘DIY docs’ with text and explanations of how to ‘Do It Yourself’.

Please let us know if these documents provide all the explanation you need, and what skills you would be interested to learn!


lamp Kumari
Kumari, a Venezuelan artist living in Brisbane, Australia, makes beautiful lamps out of paper, dried leaves and flowers, and recycled materials.
The paper she makes herself, with agave fibers.
A short explanation in text and pictures:
20120226 Making paper with Kumari
Mykal has been making large containers of gingerbeer, fermented with ‘wild yeast’,  sometimes 20 liters at a time, which are loved by adults and kids alike.
A short explanation ‘how to’ in text and pictures:
20120321 Making ginger beer with Mykal

In El Salvador we learned how to make ’empanadas’ or ‘patties’ with plantains and beans:

In India we learned how to make chapatis from Babas or wandering holy men.
The pictures are a bit dark, but hopefully the explanation in text clarifies what you can’t see in the images:
chapati making
Nico spend a day ‘studying’ making sourdough bread with Australian baker Les Bartlett of Crystal Waters community in Queensland.
Making Sourdough Bread with Les Bartlett
A great way to save energy and cook your food slow to preserve nutrients and enhance flavor is using a slow cooking oven.
Also referred to as a ‘blanket oven’ we made one of recycled materials:
30102011 How to make a slow cooking oven


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