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James Jackson wrote an article in Canadian paper ‘The Waterloo Chronicle’ that mentions meeting us whilst he was on holiday in Costa Rica;

“Stepping out of our comfort zone
James Jackson, Jimmy’s Page:

Sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zones and take the path less travelled to get a new perspective on life and our place within the world.

Last week, my wife and I did just that when we took our much-delayed honeymoon to the small Central American nation of Costa Rica. Somehow I managed to convince her it would be more fun, more exciting and more memorable to forgo the all-inclusive resort option and hack it on our own in an unfamiliar country.

We stayed in a small cabin in the village of Manzanillo on the Caribbean coast, about 230 kilometres southeast of the capital city of San Jose. The town is literally the end of the road.

Founded in 1850 as a small fishing community, it wasn’t until 1984 that a road was built to connect the village with the outside world, and it wasn’t until the year 2000 that Manzanillo — now home to about 300 people — was recognized as a vacation destination.

To protect their village and the delicate jungle and ocean ecosystems surrounding it, local residents and the government reached an agreement in 1985 to turn the area into a protected wildlife refuge and prohibited any further growth.

Over the past decade a small but vibrant tourist economy has emerged, allowing the community to recover from a fungus that devastated the local cacao (chocolate) and coconut crops. Tourists can now enjoy local food — like the staple meal of rice, beans and chicken — as well as fish, ice cream and even pizza.

It was at the local pizza shop/hostel that my wife and I met two of the most interesting people I’ve ever encountered — one Australian, the other Dutch.

Mykal Bentley, the Aussie, and Nico van Leeuwen arrived in Costa Rica in April after bicycling all the way from Colorado. Along the way they interned at a sustainable building institute in New Mexico called Earthship Biotecture and helped build a sustainable home in Guatemala. Part of the trip was even made on a homemade bike with a frame built out of bamboo, and their goal is to promote sustainable alternatives to our energy-rich lifestyle.

Read more on their blog,

They biked more than 1,000 km before ending up running the pizza place in Manzanillo.

We chatted about their travels around the world and enjoyed some of the freshest pizza you can imagine, as well as some of Mykal’s home brewed ginger beer.

Their passion for life and sustainability was contagious, and showed me that some of the most interesting people you meet in life can be found at the crossroads of the path less travelled.”


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