Vancouver Island, Canada

Mykal & Nico in Victoria

We are blessed to be at a lovely little homestead in Black Creek, on Vancouver Island, in the company of a dog, cat, 2 horses, 4 roosters, and 18 chickens.

Nico is recovering well after the accident late December 2013.
She has been diagnosed with a concussion and whiplash, but she is feeling better every day;
The swelling on her head is almost gone. There is still a lot of tension in her neck and shoulder muscles (these tensed up to try to protect the head from impact) but light exercises and visits to a physiotherapist, massage therapist and a sauna help ease the tension and pain.

And Vancouver Island’s enchanting landscape, delicious food and lots of stimulating books and articles are amazing healers too.

Mykal & Nico on Cortes Island December 21st 2013

Mykal & Nico on Cortes Island December 21st 2013