Goodbye bamboo bicycle ~ Hello Rosita!

P1110541As we were cycling up a mountain the frame cracked at the front  joint! Ai!
The hemp fibers and epoxy weren’t as well distributed at this point as on others, so it seems a case of ‘the weakest link’.
Unfortunately the loosening of the joint caused one of the bamboo lugs to crack and split which destabilized the whole frame.. : (


This made us decide to not continue to ride with this frame to Guatemala and replace the frame with a pink chromo frame at Cornelio┬┤s shop in San Cristobal de las Casas.

The bamboo frame will start a second life as a bicycle blender at autonomous center Casa de la Libertad, which will be made with the help of Miguel from center for bio-construction and bicycle machinery Jaguar de Madeira.

So.. after more than 1.000 kilometers we say goodbye to the bamboo bicycle and Hello Rosita! to Nico’s new bicycle, which is pink (trans. rosa or Rosita is trans. Pinky) : )